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I am a Holistic Life Coach certified by the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I truly believe that much of health is related to how we think and more importantly how we think about ourselves. I am able to help my clients by helping them improve the way they think about their life and their role in their life. I work mostly with women to help them get “unstuck” from their default thought patterns. I believe that changing thought patterns is the first step toward improving health and wellness. The next step is addressing nutrition, exercise and spiritual alignment, all of which help fuel a happy, healthy lifestyle.

I help women get “unstuck” by identifying limiting beliefs and learning to live life by design not default. I am also a certified personal trainer and holistic nutrition coach. Coaching programs can involve a combination of  life coaching, nutrition coaching, fitness training and hypnotherapy.

I believe that many of the limits we have are the ones that we set ourselves. I work specifically with women to empower them to push past preconceived limits in order to reach personal success.

Through my life experiences and the experience of others, I have learned that no matter how much we think we know what we want out of life, it doesn’t quite seem to turn out the way we hoped. And honestly that’s really disappointing, However if we learn how to change our perspectives and focus on the positive, we realize that, yes it turned out differently but ultimately, that can be for the best. Life throws us curve balls, some expected, however most are not. The most important thing I believe is that no matter what comes our way, we all have the option to choose how to respond to life’s twists and turns. And that, my friends, is living Life By Design, Not Default.

Grand School Graduation

I chose my college major in high school and never changed it. I   went through undergrad, followed by grad school and landed, what I thought was the perfect job after college. I followed all of the rules and guidelines. I did exactly what I was “supposed to do.” I stuck with the decision I made for 10 years. I had a salary and full benefits. I had the full package on the road to a successful life. I was a Civil Engineer. Many were proud and happy for me, as well as shocked to know that I was a female engineer, as if we didn’t exist. I heard “wow, good for you, you knew exactly what you wanted to be in high school, how wonderful!”

It didn’t feel wonderful. I wasn’t on the path that I truly wanted for myself.  My anxiety, stress and fear negatively affected my entire life and that is when I made the choice to create something new for myself. I took my career in a completely different direction.

It took a lot of mental effort and back and forth reasoning with myself to get me to where I am now and I’m still not done. I’m not saying that a salary job with full benefits is a bad thing. For most, it really is a good thing, just not for me. It was quite scary leaving everything I knew, with a future planned out for me, including how much I would save for the next 35 years in order to retire comfortably. Well, obviously I chose what was uncomfortable and I don’t see myself going back.

When I left engineering I had a few things that remained the same. One of them was running. To me, nothing feels better than finishing a race that required more mental effort than physical. The first thing I need in order to cross a finish line is to believe in myself. If I don’t believe I can do it, then no matter what I do to train, I’m just not going to make it. And to me, that is a metaphor for life. No matter what we want out of life, we are never going to have it if we don’t truly believe we can actually do what it takes to get it.

 race finish face finish 2

That’s where my passion comes in. I empower women to believe in themselves. It’s not always easy, but with time, practice, encouragement, support and guidance, when you set your mind to something, believe in yourself and do what it takes to get there, YOU are unstoppable! It’s time for all of us to live Life By Design, Not Default.

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